Al Qadr is a UK registered charity. A Worldwide Da'wah organisation committed in propagating the message of Islam.

imageAl Qadr is committed to educating and informing humanity about the noble and true message of Islam. Our work is focused around creating a mass movement in da'wah. Our projects have already made a big impression in the community. Hundreds of people have embraced Islam through our proven and effective street da'wah stalls. The pioneering productions of our videos have touched millions across the globe and has been translated in numerous languages. In addition to this, we distribute free Islamic literature and translations of the Qur'an. We have a number of daa'ees (Islamic Speakers) who deliver lectures, seminars and training courses. We also provide revert support programs for those who have just embraced Islam.

imageAl Qadr, from its onset has always maintained a non-profit making organisation in which all our volunteers work Fee-Sabeelillah (for the sake of Allah). None of our members take a salary from Al Qadr. Rather, we rely on your donations to continue and advance our work with the permission of Allah. We maintain a 100% donation policy and every single penny goes directly towards the da'wah projects. Not a single penny is used for other purposes.

Over the past year, with sheer hard work, determination and the blessing of Allah (Subhaanahu wa ta'aala), over 250 people have embraced Islam at our da'wah stalls alone. Thousands of free Islamic literature and translations of the Qur'an have been distributed. Our videos continue to touch millions across the globe and through this initiative, hundreds more have embraced Islam.

imageFurthermore, Al Qadr holds Islamic events around the UK and overseas, bringing in thousands of attendees. We have calibrated with many organisations globally, to educate non-Muslims and fellow Muslims about Islam and to remove misconceptions. We have always maintained a 'free learning policy'. So all our events, translations of the Qur'an, Islamic literature and educational videos are free. Thus removing any financial barrier between delegates who want to learn about Islam.