FREE qur'an and literature DISTRIBUTION

imageAl Qadr has always maintained a 'free learning policy'. Removing any financial barrier between delegates who want to learn about Islam. We believe that the English translation of the Qur'an and Islamic publications should be readily available for everyone to take home.

In the last year alone, we have distributed thousands of free Islamic literature and translations of the Qur'an. We truly believe that our work is essential to educating and informing humanity about the truth and noble message of Islam and to remove misconceptions

qur'an appeal

To continue and progress in our efforts, we rely heavily on donations. To purchase and to print various Islamic publications and copies of the Qu'ran, costs us thousands of pounds. We are not provided with free copies by any outlet.


To sponsor one copy of the Qur'an is only £1. We distribute hundreds every weekend. The costs quickly adds up. This is why we are in great need of donations to continue our efforts and to bring more people to Islam. With over 250 people who have embraced Islam, YOU can help bring the light of Islam into someone's life. Supporting the dawah is a form of continued charity (sadaqah jariyah) as anyone who embraces Islam and any good deed they do, whether they pray, they fast, read Qur'an, give in charity, you get the same reward! And if they have children who do the same, you get rewarded. The reward is continuous.

We maintain a 100% donation policy. Every single penny will go directly towards the da'wah projects. Not a single penny is used for other purposes.

The Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him said:

"Whoever guides (another) to a good deed will get a reward similar to the one who performs it" (Sahih Muslim)

Please Donate generously and encourage others to fundraise to help us continue this noble work, Insha Allah.