When new Muslims come into Islam they often find struggle. They are overjoyed and enlightened and ready to become part of the Ummah, however due to cultural differences and divisions within the communities they are often left confused, alone and with many unanswered questions. Many find their families and friends no longer understand them and they do not know how to help reassure them, that their choice to be Muslim is a good choice, the right choice.

Al Qadr means to improve this area within the Muslim communities. To reach out and hold on to those new Muslims by offering them support and guidance.

image We aim to help making the transition as easy as possible so that anyone new into Islam can build a solid understanding of the foundations of Islam. We aim to ensure that every new Muslim enjoys the best experience of Islam and avoid the difficulties, the confusion and the misinterpretation that occurs when being isolated and learning on its own.

The Al Qadr Revert Program offers 'welcome packages' which aims to give a selection of the essential information needed for the first few months after accepting Islam. We aim to ensure that this will be a source of motivation and inspiration to facilitate the beginning journey to Islam. To make it comfortable with the decision to become a Muslim.

Most importantly we offer classes taught by Shaykh Muhammad Abdul Jabbar. We also offer an on-line community that brings like-minded people together, working towards a better understanding of one another and a better understanding of Islam.